SCIHRA Non-Solicitation Policy

SCIHRA’s success and growth is due, in part, to our commitment to the organization’s mission, values, and standards of business ethics.  While a variety of opportunities are provided for business development to our members, overt solicitation, use of the Membership Directory for business development or marketing, or sharing of member information with non-members without the prior approval of the Board of Directors is strictly prohibited.

SCIHRA has developed the following guidelines on member behavior in regards to solicitation:

  • It is contrary to the purpose for which SCIHRA was founded for any Member to realize a monetary gain through business transactions, by virtue of their membership in this chapter.

  • Members and guests shall conduct themselves in a professional manner at all SCIHRA events. Mass solicitation and solicitation during chapter events is prohibited unless authorized in advance by the Board of Directors.  This prohibited solicitation includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    • It is not appropriate to distribute business cards to everyone with whom you come in contact, or to approach another member for the specific purpose of marketing or selling a service/product.

    • Members are not to leave promotional materials on meeting tables or openly distribute such during chapter meetings without prior approval from the Board of Directors.

    • Any Member whose invited guest engages in unwanted solicitation or obtains names of other Members without Board consent for future solicitation for the purpose of realizing a monetary gain is in violation of this policy.

  • Members are not to use the names in the membership directory for solicitation.

    • Newsletters and similar marketing or educational materials should only be sent to members with whom you have established a direct relationship.

  • Acceptable solicitation behaviors:

    • Building relationships, working on committees, and lending your expertise to projects and programs. Through professional support, you can better understand the needs of SCIHRA members, and through networking, they can understand what you have to offer.

    • Becoming a SCIHRA Sponsor.  For more information on this, please visit our website at

Members are encouraged to report violations of SCIHRA’s non-solicitation policy to its Board of Directors. SCIHRA’s policy is to investigate any complaint fully and, when in doubt, to err on the side of ensuring that its non-solicitation policy is fully adhered to by all of its members.  Violation of this policy could result in immediate cancellation of your membership, without refund, and loss of all rights and privileges.