February Luncheon

February 13, 2019
11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
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Bloomington Convention Center
302 S. College Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47403
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Presentation Name: How to be a Professional Troublemaker
Presentation Description: We all have those professional troublemakers that just don’t seem to fit in. They need support in re-framing their good intentions, ownership, and desire to make a difference. Your role is to make sure they add to the culture and business results, but aren’t forced to fit in. Learn practical processes so they can be changemakers and influencers so your business thrives in the ever-changing market.
Session Outline: During the program, HR professionals will discover how to re-frame the good intentions, powerful ownership, high performance (that needs channeled) and desire to make a difference that professional troublemakers have. In today’s tight job market, HR pros need to support these individuals who may not fit into the existing culture, but instead are additive to the culture and will ultimately inspire the company to break from industry standards and status quo to create a company that stands out. While they may be the black sheep in the company, these pro troublemakers are seeking connection with their colleagues and may not know how to make it happen.
Participants will:
  • examine their own natural tendencies toward change and how that impacts their view on those who think outside the box
  • learn the questions to ask to bring that self-awareness to others and how to integrate it into existing cultural norms



Bio: Stefanie Krievins is a coach and trainer who works with organizations whose growth is stalled and professional troublemakers who need support in clarifying their values, finding their own unique way to influence, and ultimately make a meaningful impact with their work. Her program, The Problem Solvers School, works with executives, leaders, and teams through the ten steps necessary to truly make a difference and find new results through new processes, relationships, and individual contributions.
Education: Stefanie has an undergraduate degree from IUPUI and a master’s degree from IU.
Experience: As a business owner, Stefanie is in her 5th year of business and has been in the learning and development field since 2010. She has 15 years’ experience in all sectors: nonprofit, local and state government, and business; and all sides of the business: marketing, consulting, and program development. She is the owner of Stefanie Krievins & Co. and founder of The Problem Solvers School, a 10-step coaching program designed for Gen X professional troublemakers to make a difference through their careers and lives.


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